The First 100ish Days

Well, the title was funny when I first thought of it.  It seems a little dated now.  Oh well – no matter!  Our garden can definitely be proud of our accomplishments so far this year.  Even though our first work day was a total wash out, we have accomplished everything below.

Rebuilt the compost bins

Prune a large limb that was creating shade for the pods

Plant a nanking cherry and other fruiting bushes


Create fencing for most of our tree pits, plant the “extended” tree pits near the bank and the hell strip tree pit (planted by Claire & Clare)

All of this, plus planting our pods, perimeters and tree pits.  Here are a couple of pods (but I’ll get better photos after the cottonwood fuzz is gone – there are some nice looking pods out there).

Okay – time for pretty pictures!  I think you can click on individual images to make them larger.  Remy sent me some of these.  The roses were incredible this year, as well as the wild oval.


Well, that’s it for now!  I hope to see you at the work day tomorrow (Saturday).  If not then, hope to see ya soon!



2 thoughts on “The First 100ish Days

  1. Angela

    Glad to see the garden and its members are well. We (Drew and I) have had some issues with our rose bush getting fungus every year in our own little backyard garden.


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