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Summer Flies By

Oops — my last post was TWO months ago!  Sorry!  Summer has been flying by.  We’ve had incredible weather – lots of rain and sun which might just spoil us as gardeners.  Since the last post, we’ve had a BBQ and movie – both events being very enjoyable.  And the garden has just been looking wonderful.


Part of this might be a trip down memory lane.  Remember the hollyhocks?


How about the blooms of the yucca plant?


And these beautiful and fragrant lilies?


More flowers inside the garden:



More flowers outside the garden:


Remy has done such a wonderful job with these empty tree pits by the bank!



Some photos of the pods although the plants are about twice as big now.


It was hard to capture, but these currants were awesome!


And check out this zucchini that Max is showing off!


Here are some photos of the BBQ.  People drifted through all day which was very pleasant so not everyone is represented.  But we had a nice time visiting!



That’s it for now!  I hope to get more photos soon — everyone has done such a good job this year and the garden, as I said, looks fantastic.  So, until next time, see ya around the garden!






The First 100ish Days

Well, the title was funny when I first thought of it.  It seems a little dated now.  Oh well – no matter!  Our garden can definitely be proud of our accomplishments so far this year.  Even though our first work day was a total wash out, we have accomplished everything below.

Rebuilt the compost bins

Prune a large limb that was creating shade for the pods

Plant a nanking cherry and other fruiting bushes


Create fencing for most of our tree pits, plant the “extended” tree pits near the bank and the hell strip tree pit (planted by Claire & Clare)

All of this, plus planting our pods, perimeters and tree pits.  Here are a couple of pods (but I’ll get better photos after the cottonwood fuzz is gone – there are some nice looking pods out there).

Okay – time for pretty pictures!  I think you can click on individual images to make them larger.  Remy sent me some of these.  The roses were incredible this year, as well as the wild oval.


Well, that’s it for now!  I hope to see you at the work day tomorrow (Saturday).  If not then, hope to see ya soon!


New beginnings

Happy Spring, gardeners!!  It may be snowing, but the flowers aren’t fooled.  Neither are the trees, birds and other critters.  Our garden is starting to bloom.  Here are a few from the last couple of weeks.



This is just the beginning.  Can’t wait to see what blooms next!


Winter Bizarre

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately!  But, I’ve been meaning to and have taken photos since my last post in August.  Just thought I would share some with you before the end of the year and officially tuck the blog to bed for winter – or what is passing for winter this year!

I’m covering a lot of ground here but — remember September?

Grasshoppers, moon flowers and a baby yucca in the tree pit!

We had a couple of great work days.  The first was in September.  One thing we did was clean the tool shed.  We found the floor!


The next one was the first weekend of November when we got quite a bit accomplished.  These photos are from working on the treeless tree pit.  We took out the stump and prepared it for planting next year.  Check out Andrea!!  Super girl!!  We were very impressed by her skills with the ax.  Gardeners also put together pods from the remaining lumber – yay!


Just some general photos in a somewhat chronological order:

And, believe it or not, this was taken on Sunday!


Happy holidays everyone!!!  See ya in 2016!

Be well,


Dog Days

I wasn’t sure how exactly the Dog Days of Summer were defined so I looked it up. As it turns out, the dog days refer to the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the heavens.  It refers to the day when Sirius appeared to rise just before the sun, in late July.  The Greeks and Romans were the ones staying up all night to see this.  😉  If you ask me, the dog days are when, no matter what, you slow down and take it easy and all ambition is thrown out the window.

As it turns out, our garden is the garden of choice for many dogs.  Here are just a few of our visitors.

2015-06-25 15.16.01  2015-05-24 15.23.012015-05-24 12.40.09  2015-05-24 12.39.32

Aren’t they cute?  They love it here and we’re happy to have them.

Around the Garden

2015-08-08 16.37.52

I always thought they put these stickers on after they were picked.  What do I know?  😉

2015-08-08 16.39.32 2015-08-08 16.39.08 2015-08-08 16.40.21 2015-08-08 16.40.57 2015-08-08 16.41.35 2015-08-08 17.24.28 2015-08-08 17.25.47 2015-08-08 17.25.56 2015-08-08 17.26.56 2015-08-08 17.27.55 2015-08-08 17.33.17 2015-08-08 17.33.30   2015-08-08 18.17.07  2015-08-08 17.48.44

One more thing of note, we found some golden thread in one of the tree pits.  Just a heads up, this is ten times worse than binder weed (morning glories).  They will strangle your plants and can thrive off of the plant after you pull up the roots.  I believe this is what we nicknamed the devil weed?  If you see it, thoroughly check the plant and throw the golden thread in the garbage so that it doesn’t get mixed up in the compost.  Then come back to do the same for a couple of weeks.  Here is a photo:

2015-08-08 17.30.02

Well, that’s all for now!  Stay cool and enjoy the rest of these dog days!  Tune in next time for the next Gardener Next to You!

The Gardener Next to You with Andrea

Hi gardeners!  I hope this post finds you well after our mini-heatwave!  The garden is not a bad place to be when it’s hot.  We can thank all of our trees, including the cottonwoods, for that!  Today, I just wanted to send around a long overdue installment of The Gardener Next to You with Andrea.

Andrea and King

What’s your New York story – how long have you lived here and where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Seattle, but went to school in Washington DC, then moved to New York in 1998.  Woodside, Queens was my first neighborhood, but I moved to Carroll and Columbia the following year.

How did you learn about the Backyard Garden?  How long have you been a member?

I moved to the neighborhood in late 1999, so walked by it for many years, but didn’t join until last summer.  Blue, another Backyard Garden member, formally introduced me to it a couple of years ago.

What do you like about gardening?  What do you like to grow – are you a vegetable person or a flower person?

Gardening is so therapeutic and reminds us of our connection to this amazing planet!  At the Backyard Garden, I’m using my half pod for vegetables — it’s so rewarding to be growing what I’ll be eating — however, at home, I have a few orchids, succulents, and random flowering plants.

Is there a garden that inspires you?

The Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, China.  Its beauty is just exquisite and breathtaking.  I recently learned that it’s one of the four classical Suzhou gardens that are now on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What are some of your other passions besides gardening?

There are too many interests for me to list!  Briefly, I enjoy reading, movies, food/cuisine, art and design, water sports, hiking, and spending time with my fur kid, King 🙂

Thank you Andrea for participating and for being such a good sport!  🙂  Andrea’s pod has been beautiful all season – here are just a couple of photos.

2015-06-07 13.18.02   2015-06-25 13.11.06
Who will be the next Gardener Next to You?
Around the Garden
The garden is very lush right now – sometimes it resembles a jungle!
Andrea 3  Andrea 4 Andrea 5  Andrea 6 Andrea 7  Andrea 9 Andrea 10  Andrea 11 Andrea  Andrea 8
That’s it for now!  More soon and hope to see you around the garden!

Pretty veggies

I’ve been noticing how pretty vegetables are!  One unexpectedly good thing about planting in small spaces is that you get interesting combinations of shapes, textures and color.  And you can eat them, too.  Vegetables – who knew?

First, a few photos from the tag and bake sale:

photo photo copy 2015-06-27 11.33.14 2015-06-27 11.28.33 2015-06-27 11.28.15  2015-06-27 15.02.55

The kids were a big hit and a lot of fun.  They had a song: Tag sale, bake sale, at the Backyard Garden!  And sang it at the top of their lungs.  Those kids know how to sell!  Plus they were cute.  As you know, we did really well and now we’re into it and want to do it again!

Around the Garden

Here are the pretty veggies (taken over a few weeks):

2015-06-07 13.18.02 2015-06-07 13.19.07  2015-06-07 13.31.22 2015-06-07 13.32.56   2015-06-07 13.35.17 2015-06-25 13.08.42 2015-06-25 13.09.22 2015-06-25 13.09.36  2015-06-25 13.10.20 2015-06-25 13.11.53 2015-06-25 13.12.02  2015-06-25 13.12.53 2015-06-25 13.12.26  2015-06-25 13.13.362015-06-25 13.10.42

And a few other plants that were fun to photograph:

2015-06-25 13.10.03  2015-06-07 13.33.33 2015-06-07 13.21.15  2015-06-25 13.22.59

That’s it for now.  Great summer so far! Hope to see you in the garden soon!